We're Hiring!


We are looking for post-docs with a strong background in mathematical modelling and computational neuroscience (decision neuroscience, reinforcement learning / Bayesian modelling, experimental design) and/or computational psychiatry. Applicants should have experience with advanced behavioural modelling, electrophysiological and/or neuroimaging data collection and analysis. See the full description here.

Graduate Students

We are looking for Masters and PhD students with strong computational skills and a keen interest in behavioural modelling, cognition and mental health. Interested students please get in touch with Dr. Diaconescu at andreea.diaconescu@camh.ca, including a full university transcript, resume/CV, and a 1-page statement of your research interests that also clearly outlines why you think you would be a good fit for the lab.

Undergraduate Students

We are also looking for undergraduate students with some experience in programming and data analysis. Interested students should contact Dr. Diaconescu at andreea.diaconescu@camh.ca, including your current university transcript showing grades and relevant coursework, and a few sentences that outline your interest in joining the lab.